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Fall 2024 Registration Coming Soon

Most classes are pre-recorded and live classes are recorded for replay so that they can be reviewed at a time that works best for the student.  

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Fall Semester Begins August 27
Registration Opens July 15

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Open Classes

Patria remains family orientated therefore we will have short open classes for all existing members of Patria as well as those designed for college credit. It is our desire to create a broad based training platform for those who seek simply their own enrichment to those who are diligently pursuing a Degree.  It is our intention to help keep each member encouraged to stay connected to the word through continual study 

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Patria Bible College is currently an online program with multiple courses designed to fully equip the body of Christ in every facet of the fivefold ministry.  From systematic theology to dream interpretation. From scholarly academia to the far reaches of mysticism, we want to give every student the broadest and most doctrinally safe spectrums of Christianity.  

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7249 Elliot Lane
Leeds, AL 35094

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