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Student Paper Writing

Registration Information

Audit Fee:  $200 fee per 3 credit hours.   Students who audit classes will receive no credit for classes taken.

Tuition:   $100 per credit hour (enrolled in 9 or fewer credit hours)

                $1000 for 12 credit hours
                $1250 for 15 credit hours

Discounts:  Discounted tuition is available to members of Patria Ministries and in cases of financial hardship.  Contact the admissions office for more information.

Books & Fees: $100 annual fee for access to Top Hat (our online learning platform).  Known fees include the following:

     Art of Hearing God: $25 Book Fee
     Basic Doctrine 101 & 102:  Various Books required
     Fundamentals of Faith: Various Books required
     Introduction to Biblical Languages: $30 Transcript Fee
     Introduction to Deliverance: Book Required

Some books may be required by your instructor and should be purchased on your own.

Life Learning Assessment: $50 per credit hour granted (An essay is required for each class where Life Learning Credit is granted).  Contact the admissions office for more information and to receive information about how to apply.


Student Registration is not dependent upon your Application

being received, however, college credit for the hours taken is .

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