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Biblical Dream Interpretation 1

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BDI 101

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This course emphasizes the importance and significance Biblical Dream Interpretation for the current church culture. It examines the principles of how dreams can be interpreted using the ancient Hebraic methods and a Biblical Model.

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Highly Recommended:

Dream Stories: Unlocking Your Night Parables - available from Amazon here:

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Michael B. French

Michael B. French

Michael and his wife Elisa live in Leeds, Alabama. They have been happily married since 1988 and serving together in full time ministry since 1999. They have four sons, Joshua (his wife Michelle and granddaughters Sarah and Ellie), Caleb, Jacob and Noah. He completed law school at The University of Alabama in 1989 and had a successful law practice for over 10 years. He continues to maintain his law license and is frequently called upon to provide legal consultation for ministries. Michael was pastor of The Bridge Birmingham for 20 years.

Michael founded and now serves full time with Patria Ministries, a network of spiritual leaders from around the world. He has traveled and taught internationally in places such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Ghana, Russia, Honduras, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Canada, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Slovakia, and Switzerland. He has also trained individuals from around the world online.

He is the co-author of The Remedy, (a book written by he and his father to unravel the mystery and break down some of the controversy surrounding the ministry of deliverance). He is the author of The Elisha Way (a book espousing the need for a return to spiritual fathering in order to see a double portion passed on to the next generation), Fresh Bread (a book delving into what Jesus was teaching His disciples through the Lord’s Prayer) and Dream Stories (a book explaining the importance of dreams and their spiritual interpretations, as well as sharing over 50 interpreted dreams and how they impacted the dreamer's lives).

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