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Darryn Tannous

Chancellor, Sr. Professor

Words of Life leaders Darryn and Doenisha Tannous are fully committed to the Lord Jesus Christ. Along with their beautiful daughters Abigail And Bethel they reside in Grovetown, Georgia. ​ Darryn has been in ministry since the age of 15, since then has started and led 3 churches in South Africa where he was born and raised. God called him to the United State in 2013 where he met his beautiful wife who has faithfully been serving the United States Navy. They formally created a Words Of Life International in the US in 2019 and have a God given desire to start a church in South Carolina and in Texarkana, TX, if you where to ask them why, They would look at you and say only because Father God has told us to we see in part and know in part. They truly Love the Lord Jesus with all their heart and long to serve him faithfully all their life long and train as many people as possible world wide to follow in that same and even higher capcity

Courses Taught

Prayer and Personal Bible Study, Victorious Christianity, Introduction to Biblical Languages and Cultures


Year  Degree                                       Institution




Bachelor's of Theology

MA in Theology & World Religion

PHD in Theology & Biblical Languages

University of South Africa

Oxford University

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Darryn Tannous
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