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Tony & Dwee Cooke

Associate Professor

In 1997 Tony & Dwee planted and pastored the Cheltenham Vineyard Church which transitioned in 2009 to become the Cheltenham Bridge Church under the oversight of the late John Paul Jackson. Prior to that Tony had been an assistant pastor in a large Vineyard church in St. Albans, UK. As the church in Cheltenham developed it became known as a fairly unusual Kingdom expression of church which encouraged teams, the arts and revelation as well as housing the late John Paul Jackson’s Streams Training Centre England which specialised in teaching on the prophetic and biblical dream interpretation. Since leaving the Cheltenham Bridge in 2013 they have continued to teach and train in many countries including The Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, India, South Africa, USA, Spain and Ireland. In January 2020 Tony launched The Dream Academy, an online training and support site for biblical dream interpreters. They have two grown up children and live on the south coast of England. Tony is also on the Leadership Board of Patria Ministries International, a global family of businesses, churches, ministries and itinerant ministers which provides a highly interdependent personal environment where leaders can build relationships and be strengthened and equipped for greater Kingdom influence.

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Tony & Dwee Cooke
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